Photos From my Town

The first photo is of a friendly neighbor and me. My class and I were walking around town and I noticed she was outside working on her garden. So, I asked if she would take a picture with me, and she gladly said sure. I have seen her quite a few times and she was really nice and friendly. Lastly, yes I probably look really weird but we had spirit week and it was school color day. To conclude that is the description of the first photo.

The second picture is a leaf while we were walking I saw this leaf and it looked perfect. There were no other leaves around it that looked so great. I took the picture at the beginning of the walk so it may be a little blury because we were rushing a little bit. To conclude that is really all I have to say about this picture.

The last picture is of a tree, I find them really pretty when just looking at them in real life. Since it is fall the tree was turning colors and losing leafs. The road that this tree was on was covered with leaves and walking in them was great. I love playing with the leaves for picture because they end up looking great at the end. Lastly, to conclude that is what taking a picture of the tree felt to me and more.


  1. Brooke,

    I love the pictures that you took of your town as well as the explanations that went with them. Your teacher had a good idea to take you outside and take pictures for your blog. I might have to try that for my class's next blogging challenge.

    Mrs. McKinty

  2. Hello I really like your picture

  3. I Like your pics! why do like trees so much

  4. Good job of describing your photos. Leafs should be leaves (can't help myself)

  5. I like the pictures you took. You explained each picture well, and made it easier for someone to understand the pictures. I thought it was very nice that the lady let you take a picture with her for a school project. Do you like taking pictures?


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